High Gloss Cleaning Set

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High Gloss Surface Cleaning Set

This cleaning set contains following products:

-High Gloss Polish Cleaning Fluid (150ml spray bottle)

-Microfiber Towel (300 gsm)

The claeaning fluid is designed for high gloss finishes on pianos and grand pianos. If the surface has dust on it the product helps to lubricate while wiping and prevents the surface of being scratched from the dust particles. It works great on black and white pianos. The Product is amazing for removing watermarks, fingerprints, dust etc. The cleaner is not a polishing product to remove scratches or other damages on the surface.

In combination with the microfiber towel this is the perfect product to clean your piano! 🙂

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2 Bewertungen für High Gloss Cleaning Set

  1. John

    Anyone who owns a black, glossy piano knows the struggle of keeping it clean! I really recommend this cleaner. It smells great as well! And also the towel is very soft and doesn’t scratch the piano

  2. Latisha Mackay


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